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Friday, May 8, 2009

Town Meeting supports all building projects

School bonding requires additional approval at Town Election on Tuesday, May 12

A strong turnout at Annual Town Meeting on Monday, May 4, approved all funding requests, including a total operating budget of $22,548,834, as well as $775,000 for repairs to Gleason Library, $450,000 for schematic designs for renovation of the Carlisle Public School and $445,000 for phase 1 renovation work on the Highland Building. In addition, voters approved Carlisle’s share of $750,000 for capital improvements and renovation planning at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). Since the school renovation requests involve bonding outside the limits of Proposition 2-1/2 they also require approval at Town Election on May 12.

The longest discussions focused on the Carlisle School and Highland Building restoration projects, both of which ultimately passed by decisive margins. The Carlisle School project funding was approved almost unanimously. Highland repairs were approved by a 2/3 majority, although only a simple majority was required.

Parents with young children had two options if they did not hire a babysitter. Free childcare was available in the Cory exercise room, donated by the Carlisle Kids House. Alternatively, parents could bring their children with them to the Town Meeting auxillary space in Cory cafeteria. There Karen Cohen, serving her first turn as assistant moderator, presided over the small group of voters in the cafeteria.

While many of the 425 who attended left after the votes on the building projects, a quorum remained and retiring Moderator Tom Raftery was able to conclude Town Meeting in one night.

Marijuana, energy bylaw dropped

Two Articles that might have spurred debate were not discussed: the Board of Selectmen (BOS) tabled Article 32, which would have created a $300 fine for public consumption of Marijuana; and they withdrew without prejudice Article 33, regarding bylaw changes for wind and solar power generation. Article 23, to fund demolition of the Highland Building, was “postponed indefinitely” after Town Meeting agreed to fund repairs under Article 22.

All other Warrant Articles were passed, most unanimously. For details of the Warrant Articles, see “Town Meeting roundup” on page 8. ∆

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