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Friday, May 8, 2009

ConsCom explains traps

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Conservation Commission has received a number of calls relative to traps having been set on Conservation Land. Any traps you may see on any conservation land in Carlisle have been set as part of an ongoing scientific study. No animals will be hurt during this study. See the front page article in the Carlisle Mosquito, April 17, 2009.

Sylvia Willard


Roxanne returns, with thanks

To the Editor:

Our 12-year-old lab-mix dog, Roxanne, has returned safely home after an eight-day journey around River Road. During this time of multiple sightings, near-miss captures and sleepless nights, we wanted to thank the many Carlisle residents who helped bring our dog home. We could not have done it without you. Many people kept watchful eyes, sent out emails to friends, went on extra hikes and runs, and opened their yards for searches. We are humbled by the kind words and support we received from the many wonderful residents in Carlisle. Thank you.

Chris and Sandy Eisenbies

Heald Road

Wind turbine deja vu

To the Editor:

Carlisle delays wind power bylaws – again.

I find it unconscionable that Carlisle has again failed to pass wind turbine bylaws. How many years have we been discussing this? And we are back to questions of “noise” and “migratory birds.” Didn’t we look at other towns’ bylaws a year ago?

Hull has a turbine at the high school. Has anyone gone there?

The government is offering a 30% credit. The Obama Administration is set on passing “cap and trade” legislation that will cause electricity rates to “skyrocket.”

I am not a fan of government regulation but clearly it seems this is to force action. The State or Federal government needs to pass regulations that tell cities and towns that they will pass bylaws that allow wind turbines.

Ted Brewster

Davis Road

Thanks from Library Trustees

To the Editor:

Many thanks to Carlisle’s Town Meeting, and to the town boards and committees who supported the Gleason Public Library’s request for funding for repairs and restoration of our 114-year-old library building. Carlisle’s strong and unified support of this project and of the library is truly gratifying and deeply moving. What we will preserve here, as a community, is not just a beautiful antique building, but a treasure box of town service, intellectual and social resources, and shared values for generations to come. Mindful of how vital these qualities are to the life and character of the town, we will do our best to safeguard them with this project. Thank you, Carlisle.

Priscilla Stevens, Chair

Gleason Public Library Trustees

Maple Street

Support Question 1 on election day

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank the residents for their support of the School Building Committee’s request for schematic design funding at Town Meeting.

In order to move forward with the school project residents must also approve Ballot Question 1 which authorizes the debt exclusion for the design.

If approved, Question 1 will allow the town to continue to take advantage of the state’s commitment to fund 40% of the project; maintain Carlisle’s favorable position in the state funding process; address the poor condition of the Spalding Building in a comprehensive, well-planned manner; and address other near-term repairs necessary to maintain other campus buildings.

Thank you for your support and please do not forget to vote on Tuesday, May 12.

Lee Storrs

Brook Street

Chair, Carlisle

School Building Committee

Those are turtles, not rocks

To the Editor:

With Spring, the turtles have come back and they’re crossing Russell Street over Spencer Brook, School Street near Poole Swamp, and other streets around town. Please slow down if you see something that looks like a rock in the road – it is a probably a turtle! If you can, please stop and help the turtle by carrying it across the street to where it was going (be careful if it’s a snapper!).Thank you very much,

Claire Brandhorst and the turtles

Russell Street

Thanks to Highland Study Group

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the members of the Highland Building Study Group: John Ballantine, Bob Hilton, Ken Hoffman, Dale Ryder, Bob Stone and Wendell Sykes for their time and dedication to the task with which they were charged.

As a result of their efforts and the votes of the folks at Town Meeting, the Highland Building will remain a treasured piece of our community.

Alan Carpenito

South Street

Support for Shyjan

To the Editor:

Please join me in supporting Larissa Shyjan for the position of Gleason Library Trustee. Larissa is conscientious and dedicated, and I know she will serve the community diligently if she is elected to be a Library Trustee.

During the past several years, I have had the pleasure of working with Larissa on the Board of the Children’s Meetinghouse, a non-profit preschool. Larissa has held the positions of Clerk/Secretary and Treasurer. As Treasurer, she has worked closely with the school’s director in overseeing the budget, financial forecasts and expenditures of the school. She brings energy, dedication and insight to her role on the board, and she is always thoughtful in her suggestions and ideas.

Larissa would also bring to the position of Library Trustee the experience she gained managing the Westford Racquet & Fitness Club, a local small business. Operating a business requires a constant balancing of priorities and costs, all while striving to deliver a positive experience to customers. In this era of tight municipal budgets and competing town and community priorities, Larissa’s day-to-day experience with these realities would serve her well in guiding and overseeing the Gleason Library.

Last, but not least, I would like to recommend Larissa for two important personal qualities she possesses. She is diplomatic and even-handed and well able to work with a variety of people. She is also a reader. She loves the library and all of its books, resources and programs. If elected, her community service in this position will be infused with a true love of the library and all it offers.

Please join me in voting for Larissa Shyjan for Library Trustee on May 12.

Madeleine Blake

Carleton Road

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