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Friday, May 1, 2009


WALK ON THE WILDSIDE. This turkey was recently spotted strolling across a yard on School Street. (Photo by Bill Churchill)

EXPLORING VERNAL POOLS. On land owned by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation on the east side of West Street, Chris Kavalauskas, a former Conservation Commissioner, conducts a vernal pool walk on Sunday. Kay Fairweather, the Mosquito Biodiversity editor, is on the right. (Photo by Louise Hara)

GRAZING AT STILLMEADOW FARM. These cows are feeding on land that the Valentines have put into a conservation restriction. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

HEALD HOUSE SPRING CLEANUP. On Saturday, April 25, the Sellew family (left to right) Bonnie, Eric and Chris help clean up the gardens around the Carlisle Historical Society’s Heald House on Concord Street. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)

CALL TO ARMS. Four sturdy Minutemen assist compatriot Fred Seward (left) in ringing the bell to call out Carlisle’s Minutemen on Patriots Day, April 20. The smaller Minutemen are, clockwise from left, John Troast, Blake Hatch, Jake Hatch and Asa Szegvari. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

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