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Friday, May 1, 2009

CSC hears highlights of seventh-grade curriculum

Three seventh-grade teachers, Susan Brinner (math), Cheryl Hay (language arts) and Brad Cranston (science), provided the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) with a quick description of the academic life of a Carlisle School seventh grader during the CSC meeting on April 23.

Hay described a poetry unit where students sampled various authors’ work to expand their experiences with poetry. A second unit focused on speech. Students studied M. L King’s “I Have a Dream,” Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” and Lou Gehrig’s “Bad Break.” Students then presented their own speeches, focusing on articulation and volume as well as content.

Brinner described the pre-algebra and geometry that Carlisle seventh graders learn. She provided each CSC member with a “mira,” a small reflective tool that can be used to study transformation of ines and shapes.

Cranston provided a short slide show allowing the CSC to see students using microscopes to study pond water life, creating posters for the unit on cell biology and dissecting frogs to study anatomy.

Cranston thanked the committee for the active board which has been installed in his classroom. In addition to other uses, Cranston uses the active board for a jeopardy game. At the end of each science unit, the students are separated into two teams. Using the active board and “active voters” the teams review the material from each unit.

Cranston says he tries to help students see how technologies are used in careers. He invited Patrick Rafter, a teacher at Minuteman High School, to demonstrate some biotechnology techniques. Rafter showed the seventh graders how liquid and gel chromatography can be used in crime scene analysis. ∆

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