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Friday, May 1, 2009

Housing Authority would slow adoption of new 40B guidelines

On April 9 and April 23 the Carlisle Housing Authority members discussed new 40B application guidelines being considered by the town. Housing Authority member Susan Stamps expressed concern that they have not had time to review the documents.

At the April 9 meeting Selectman John Williams explained that the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) planned to hold a hearing on the regulations on April 27 (see related article, this page). If Town Counsel comes back with an okay, the plan is to vote to adopt the new regulations at the next ZBA meeting, he explained. The Housing Authority voted to request that the ZBA defer adopting the new 40B regulations until the Housing Authority has a chance to review and give input.

On April 23 the committee discussed concerns they had regarding the proposed 40B regulations. Chair Alan Lehotsky said he would like clarification of how application and filing fees could be waived. There are three levels of fees, but just one specifies how fees might be waived, he noted.

“I don’t like their general approach,” said committee member Jim Bohn. He noted the regulations require a set back of 500 feet, which, he said was a “high requirement, which is then waived” at times. The regulations say the project must “demonstrate no adverse impact to off-site drinking water wells and wastewater disposal systems within 500 feet” of the location of the development.

Lehotsky noted language allows the hiring of a range of consultants at the developer’s expense, including a stenographer to “record public hearings and deliberative sessions.” He said the cost of a stenographer could run “in the hundreds.”

Lehotsky said he would like more work done on the 40B regulations, “instead of putting into place flawed regulations now. I’m afraid we’ll scare away the [developments] we want and end up with ones we don’t want.” ∆

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