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Friday, May 1, 2009

Selectmen shorts, April 14

Hanover Hill mailbox locations. Robert West, of Wilkins Hill Realty, requested that the houses in the subdivision each have their own mailbox versus the cluster-mailbox unit on Westford Street, currently required by the town postmaster Gregory Lee. The postal service prefers cluster solutions to reduce mail-delivery cost; however, West questioned the need to cross a busy road when retrieving mail on foot. According to West, the Police and Fire Departments prefer mailboxes over roadside house numbers to facilitate easy identification of properties in case of an emergency. The Selectmen unanimously approved the request.

Local transportation aid funds. The state has allotted the Town of Carlisle $197,198 in Chapter 90 funding for fiscal year 2010.

Conservation wages. The Conservation Commission requested use of $9,240 from the Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) “Intents” account to fund wages for the Conservation Administrator. The work covers 28 hours/week for the remainder of the year. For the last few years the commission has used the money collected through WPA fees to cover a portion of staff salaries. The Selectmen unanimously approved the request.

Carnival may visit. The Concord Masonic Corporation would like to sponsor a family-oriented carnival in Carlisle from May 3-9, 2010. The town must identify a suitable location and determine proper procedures. The Selectman decided to consider the idea but will require more information before approving the idea.

Cub Scout presentation. Members of Pack 135 presented a new flag for Town Hall. Steve Golson, a former Packmaster and current treasurer of the pack, accompanied the boys. ∆

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