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Friday, May 1, 2009

RecCom wants Highland restored

The Recreation Commission (RecCom) met on April 16th to discuss a wide variety of topics including the pressing issue of their interest in the Highland Building.

Highland Building. Board Chair Mark Spears asked all commission members to visit the Highland building. RecCom would like to see the building restored for use as a community center. According to Spears, “Right now, we don’t have recreation space and general use rooms in town. This building offers four very large rooms that could be the space we need.” When asked what recreation could do with the building, Recreation Director Holly Hamilton explained “they would be able to expand their existing programs to include offerings such as toddler gym, afterschool programs, clubs, exercise and art classes. Right now some art and exercise classes are available but they are limited because there is no place to store the equipment.” The fate of the Highland Building will be determined at Town Meeting in May, Articles 21- 23.

Eagle Scout Project. Concord-Carlisle High School junior, Dillon Mariano, presented his proposal to build a sports backboard at the Banta- Davis field. The project would fulfill requirements towards becoming an Eagle Scout. The purpose of the backboard is to practice a variety of sports including lacrosse, baseball and soccer. His rough design depicts a 12’ high by 16’ wide structure made of plywood and support beams. The cost would be approximately $1,000. Members of the committee questioned whether Spalding Field might be a better location. Several members agreed to look at the two fields to decide which would be better. RecCom voted to allocate up to $1,500 to support the project. The project is expected to be completed in May.

Maintainance. Dan Mosely and Jon Coppinger attended the meeting to discuss the conditions of the fields. Mosely is responsible for the mowing and general maintainance of Banta-Davis, Spalding Field, Diment Park and the tennis courts. Coppinger is responsible for the organic fertilizing of the playing fields. Both agreed the fields are in good shape right now. However, Coppinger suggested the RecCom find a less expensive way to aerate so they could add organic lime applications. The the commission agreed to research other options for aeration for the future.

$25,000 of Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds had been set aside for the commission to use for field design on the Benfield property. He will work with the Community Preservation Committee to implement the design process.

Summer program. The Recreation Department will offer its summer fun program again this year. It will run from June 29 to August 8 for children entering kindergarten through fourth grade. In the past, programs have been available for older children as well. However, enrollment was low so they are not being offered this year. It was noted that Carlisle’s program is significantly less expensive than other camp options.

Recreation personnel. The position of assistant in the Recreation Department is part-time and throughout the year the tasks vary from administrative assistant to Summer Fun Director. The board discussed the best way to schedule the position, as well as whether or not the employee is eligible for paid personal time. It was decided to discuss the personnel questions with Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie.

Donations. The Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball organization donated $5,000 to Carlisle’s Recreation Department. The Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer organization has pledged a donation as well.

Community Service Projects. There are several projects that could be done by students looking to fulfill community service requirements. Examples include painting four sheds, cleaning the baseball fields and cleaning the tennis courts.

Spalding to Banta-Davis path. The RecCom agreed it would be useful to restore the unusable path connecting Spalding Field to Banta-Davis. Jeff Bloomfield will invite a Trails Committee member to the next meeting. ∆

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