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Friday, April 17, 2009


Redcoats beware! Minuteman Forsberg is on his way to Concord

Charlie Forsberg moved to his home on Autumn Lane in 1969 and joined the Carlisle Minutemen in 1970. He is the longest serving member of the Carlisle Colonial Minutemen Company, which was formed in 1967 in preparation for the celebration of the Bicentennial on April 19,1975. Forsberg was approached by Bob Thomson, one of the founders of the Company and a friend ...more

What’s up on Patriots Day, April 20

This year’s Patriots Day celebration will be on Monday, April 20, with the following schedule: ...more

A look back at April in Carlisle

Besides the perennial activities of Town Meeting, Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon, the following stories have appeared in Mosquito articles through the years: ...more

Local students win Art and Writing Awards

Three Carlisle eighth graders received National Scholastic Writing Awards from the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers: Abigail Chang and Elisabeth Sorrows won silver awards in poetry. Alissa Merz of Estabrook Road received a gold ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Green Stink Bug

What better creature to punctuate the week when we file our taxes than a stink bug! Furthermore, the Green Stink Bug is a true bug in the entomological sense. Its mouth parts are adapted into a syringe-like beak which contains a pair of modified mandibles for cutting, and a dual-channel tube through which it can spit saliva to liquify food making it possible ...more

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