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Friday, April 17, 2009

Shorts from the Board of Health, April 7

Assurance Technology Corporation, 84 South Street. Chip Orcutt, property manager for Larue Renfroe, owner of Assurance Technology Corporation (ATC), appeared before the Board of Health (BOH) on April 7 to discuss the septic system serving the office space and apartments at the ATC property on South Street. Orcutt said the company wants to add a lunchroom so employees have a place to eat together. It is unclear how this would affect the square-footage numbers that are used to calculate the 2,010 gallons per day flow rate.

There are significantly different requirements for systems above and below the 2,000 gallon-per-day mark. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that Orcutt would go back and recalculate the square footage used for the apartments, offices and proposed lunchroom, to see if the estimated flow generated for that square footage is under 2,000 gallons per day. It may be that square footage for areas used for storage were included in the initial calculations, causing the flow numbers to be over 2,000 gallons per day. If the new calculation of the flow drops below 2,000 gallons per day, Brem said, “This will allow you to avoid a lot of headaches.”

A complicating factor is Orcutt’s desire to retain BOH approval of all the leaching areas on both sides of the street which have capacity for 7,500 gallons per day. The large system was needed years ago when the building was used as a hospital, and Orcutt does not want to lose the ability to sell the property in the future with a 7,500 gallon-per-day system. BOH member Michael Holland said, “We are not particularly happy to see a system designed for phantom use.” Holland said he would need a rationale to approve a 7,500 gallon-per-day system.

58 Wolf Rock Road. A waiver to decrease the leaching area for a four-bedroom house from 600 gallons per day down to 440 gallons per day was approved. Eight items were addressed with notes and clarifications on the plans.

110 Maple Street. The existing three-bedroom, 1,500 square-foot house will be torn down and replaced with a four-bedroom, 2,800 square-foot house. There is an existing waiver from 1995 allowing a setback of 80 feet for the soil absorption system. However, a third trench must be added to the septic system to accommodate the added bedroom. The owners requested a variance for an 80-foot setback on the added trench. The waiver was approved by the board.

New well regulations approved. All present approved the new well regulations, which are effective immediately. The public hearing concerning the changes was held on March 17. For details, see “Expanded well regs to include increased testing, BOH enforcement,” page 1, March 20. ∆

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