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Friday, April 17, 2009


Local students win Art and Writing Awards

Three Carlisle eighth graders received National Scholastic Writing Awards from the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers: Abigail Chang and Elisabeth Sorrows won silver awards in poetry. Alissa Merz of Estabrook Road received a gold award in the “short, short story” category.

Regional Arts and Writing Awards were given to the following students:

Short short story: Shannon Driscoll, Allie Mundel and Margot Semonite.

Poetry: Elisabeth Learned, Melanie Rocco and Camilla Vilain.

Short Story: Amy Bergquist, Anna Kolstad, Jamie Moore and Roxane Sayde.

Science Fiction/Fantasy: Matthew Hill

Carlisle Middle School Language Arts teacher Marcella Pixley told the Mosquito, “I am so proud of all the talented students who submitted their poems and stories to the Scholastic Awards this year. Not every middle school student is brave enough to take such a risk – to send their original writing to a panel of judges, and to be read and critiqued by outside eyes. No matter how they were recognized, this process of ‘going public’ is an essential part of being a real writer. I applaud each and every one of them and I hope they all continue sharing their excellent work with others.”

Regional Scholastic Arts gold key awards were given to: Katy Scholten, painting, and Abigail Chang and Fiona Kinmonth, drawing category.


In my arms.

The little girl,

she slept, so gently.

Her father stood,

an icon as it crumbles.

Becoming dust,

forgotten in time.

For the brilliant star that

lit the abyss,

she was with me.

Her mother wept,

lying by the bedside.

Her daughter, gone.

She screamed.

A shout of terrible grief.

It echoes always in my ears.

It paves always my path.

I yearned to return her.

Someone so good,

should not know me

so young.

Her kindness,

her compassion,

seeped into me.

A poison of guilt.

Those pillars of her life.

The soul that lit her eyes.

The flush that pinked her


The smile that curved her lips.

I could take them.

I could not give them back.

I closed my eyes,

I could not witness

such agony.

A little hand

slipped into mine

My eyes flickered

She smiled mutely

And in silence spoke,

“I will go.”

I clutched to that


and brought her on.

by Abigail Chang


Quiet settles over us

Like a blanket

Peace falls over the camp

Starting to wonder why we have to do this

I look up at the golden glow

Lighting up the sky

The yellow sliver of the sun

Peeks over the mountains

An orange glow around the sun

Then the pink emanates from behind the clouds

Then changing to create a purple hue

I find the quiet inside me

by Elisabeth Sorrows

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