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Friday, April 10, 2009

Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman resigns

Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman has submitted her resignation effective April 24. She will be leaving to assume the position of PreK-12 Student Services and Financial Operations Manager for the Lexington Public School District.

Zimmerman spoke to the Mosquito about her job change, “I have very mixed feelings about leaving. I love the people I work with.”

Zimmerman has a Masters Degree in Education as well as a law degree. She said, “Education is very important for me.” Zimmerman noted that when she came to Carlisle in 2006 she chose it over another job offer for more money and a shorter commute to her home in Belmont, because she wanted to work with an administration that was committed to quality education. “I think Marie has put together a fine team,” she said.

“I never would have been looking for a job but for what has been going on with the superintendency union.” She noted that her application was sent out before the school committee decided to postpone implementation of a consolidation until the fall of 2010. “It’s a bittersweet change. But in this economy, you do what you have to do.” ∆

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