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Friday, April 3, 2009

LWV Forum outlines Carlisle School building plans

The League of Women Voters School Building Forum on March 26 allowed multiple town officials to present reasons for moving forward with the schematic design phase of the Carlisle School building. This is the first step in what is expected to be a $20 million project. Forum participants Selectman Doug Stevenson, School Building Committee Chair Lee Storrs, Carlisle ...more

Great Brook Farm State Park seeks funding for new dairy barn

Duffy noted that his family has farmed successfully in Carlisle for 22 years – through a combination of the Great Brook Farm dairy operation and the Carlisle Cranberry Bog. He grows hay, corn and cranberries on about 300 acres in Carlisle, Concord, Acton and Chelmsford. All of the hay is to feed his cows; some of the corn is sold at the farm, and some is ...more

Voters face choices for Highland’s future

The seemingly endless saga of the Highland Building may come to a conclusion at Town Meeting this spring when voters are asked to spend $450,000 for repairs and a fire protection system, or to spend $133,000 to destroy the building. After the repairs, the building would be protected from further deterioration from weather while reuse options were explored. ...more

Highland Building architecture

The 101-year-old wood-framed Highland Building, one of the few historic public buildings in town, is a fine example of turn-of-the century architecture, in years past referred to as the “jewel on the hill.” Highland was originally sheathed in clapboards with exterior trim that features finely detailed scrollwork and interior woodwork typical of that architectural ...more

Cost estimates for Highland options

Option Total cost ...more

A history of the Highland Schoolhouse

This spring’s Town Meeting will not be the first time that the future of the Highland Building hangs in the balance. The upcoming vote to restore the building to its “pre-Emerson Umbrella conditon” or to destroy it is only the most recent in a history of difficult decisions and indecision. ...more

CCHS takes another look at renovation or replacement

For over ten years the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) has considered major renovation or replacement of the high school buildings. A historical look at the last ten years shows the economy has consistently interrupted plans for renovations. This spring, voters in both towns will be asked to fund a debt exclusion of $750,000 for CCHS repairs, ...more

BOS shorts, March 24

Boston Post cane awarded. Edwin Sadler officially received the polished black ebony cane presented to the town’s eldest citizen. Sadler, who will be 102 in May, was accompanied by four generations of his family for the event. The cane itself celebrates its own 100 year birthday this year in August. ...more

Cable Advisory Committee to tackle Comcast contract

The ten-year contract with Comcast, Carlisle’s current cable provider, ends in the fall of 2010, and on March 30 Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie told the three members of the newly reconstitutued Cable Advisory Committee, “Now is the time to begin deliberations and negotiations.” The Selectmen have also asked the committee to solicit community comment ...more

Conservation Commission shorts, March 26

Camping guidelines. At its March 26 meeting, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) approved guidelines for camping on conservation lands based on those used by the Town of Acton. Warren Lyman and Liz Bishop of the Land Stewardship Committee discussed whether and what fees should be imposed and whether they should ...more

Shorts from the Regional School Committee, March 23

Student Advisory Council update. Students Marree Budris and Blair Robinson, representing the Concord-Carlisle Student Advisory Council, updated the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) on student projects and activities. Budris explained a new project to place student manuals online, reducing the use ...more

News from surrounding towns

The following items were compiled from online news sites: ...more

ConsCom agenda for Thursday, April 9

7:30 Minutes, bills, agenda items ...more

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