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Friday, April 3, 2009

News from surrounding towns

The following items were compiled from online news sites:

Power plant delayed. Plans for a 348-megawatt gas-fired power plant to be located in North Billerica have been put on hold at least until 2013, due to reduced regional demand for electricity. Power use is down about 2% from last year’s level. (“Billerica power plant is on hold,”, March 19.)

MSBA funding. Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Executive Director Katherine Craven states, “we have accommodated the recent trend of lagging sales tax revenues in our long term finance plan, and still have enough funding to continue developing and funding school building projects in at least 106 communities that are currently in MSBA’s capital pipeline.” Carlisle’s school renovation project is among those in the MSBA pipeline.

Craven further states, “MSBA still anticipates being able to fund $2.5 billion for school projects in over 165 communities that have contacted us over the past few years and who have filed statements outlining their local school facilities challenges. This means that we will continue to introduce projects into our capital pipeline.” (“School Building Authority pledges to continue funding projects,” www/, March 26.)

Lincoln rents unused classrooms. Lincoln Public Schools is raising the rental price for space in the Hartwell School Building. A preschool currently pays about $19,000 to use four classrooms, shared space and playground, with utilities and custodial care included. Lincoln is seeking annual rent of at least $100,000 along with $5,000 for maintenance. (“School district to seek bids for Hartwell space,”, March 26.) ∆

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