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Friday, April 3, 2009

Shorts from the Regional School Committee, March 23

Student Advisory Council update. Students Marree Budris and Blair Robinson, representing the Concord-Carlisle Student Advisory Council, updated the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) on student projects and activities. Budris explained a new project to place student manuals online, reducing the use of paper. Robinson said the Student Senate dance held March 21 was a success. Approximately 500 students attended. “Everyone had fun and followed the rules,” said Superintendent Diana Rigby.

RSC Chair Peter Fischelis asked about the status of combining the junior and senior prom dances. Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) Principal Peter Badalament said the proms will be combined starting in the spring of 2012. Robinson said the dances will be combined to help cut down on the expenses since many students attend both dances.

Robinson reported try-outs for spring sports have been held. Around 175 students tried out, but around 35 – 40 students have been cut. “This is the second year we have done cuts on a no-cut team,” said RSC member Jan McGinn. She said the school should “make a commitment for all kids and we should let all participate.” School Superintendent Diana Rigby said she will look into it. Robinson explained how students are cut from the teams. “They are first cut on attitude, and then the second cut is on ability.” Budris said they try to avoid cutting freshmen. The other members of the council are Kathryn Miller, William Morrison, Tom Veitch, and Lara Gechijian.

Recognitions. Badalament recognized the CCHS Academic Bowl “A” Team, which qualified for Nationals. Team members are Tony Buonomo, captain, Sam Correo-Clanon, John Reterrer-Moore and Paul O’Neil. Badalament said that their coach, teacher Peter Atlas “does a really great job.”

Badalament also recognized teachers George Kendall, Ned Roos, Al Dentino, and the over 120 students who participated in the production of the musical, “Miss Saigon.” He said, “The show was so good you forget you are watching students.”

No to school choice. The RSC voted not to participate in the state’s School Choice program for the school year 2009-2010. During discussion before the vote, Badalament asked, “I am curious. If space wasn’t an issue, what would be the argument?” Rigby said the issue was the cost of students, “Currently we spend $17,000 per student.” Rigby explained that the sending school district pays $5,000, while Metco covers only $3,400 per student. Also, if the school system accepted school choice, a cap could not be set on how many students are accepted.

New baseball field for Ripley. Representatives from Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball and Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball/Softball presented a proposal to build a baseball diamond on the field adjacent to the Ripley School Administration Building on Merriam Street in Concord. They suggested dividing the current field, which is used for soccer games and clinics, into two sections. The front section would continue to be available for soccer use, and the back of the field would be developed as a baseball field, with new fencing and a dugout. “Did you look at the Carlisle fields?” asked Wedge, suggesting games could be played in Carlisle. But he was told Concord does not have the same quality fields as Banta-Davis. The Friends of Concord-Carlisle Fields would fund the project. It would cost approximately $450,000, which is mostly collected at this point. The RSC said they will discuss the proposal and vote on it in the future. ∆

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