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Friday, April 3, 2009


Boys wrestling team has impressive season

Seniors Andrew Gromer, Alex Fleming, Giles Pettingell, Jay Beaulieu, Pat Demers, and Noah Urton pushed CCHS wrestling to perform above and beyond expectations. The team finished the season with a record of 6-6, an impressive feat given the level of competition within their league.

While much of this season’s success is due to the seniors’ leadership and solid performances, perhaps the most notable aspects of this year’s team were the incredible efforts and talent displayed by the juniors and underclassmen. Joining seniors Alex Fleming and Pat Demers at States was junior Rick Fadden, who arguably became this year’s most improved player. Sophomore wrestlers have established themselves as a class to be reckoned with in years to come, as they are both numerous and highly committed. The vast majority of sophomores have already committed themselves to off-season programs in order to be in top condition for next year.

In terms of physical fitness, wrestling is one of the most demanding high school sports. This year head coach Kevin Capone ran extensive spring and summer weight- training programs, while assistant coach Alex Klinoff put the team through grueling conditional drills during every practice. Senior Andrew Gromer noted that wrestling demands just as much mental toughness as physical skill. “Wrestling requires immense anticipation, or ‘setting up’ moves,” Gromer explained. “It has been called ‘human chess,’ where each move has a logical counter-move, and predicting your opponent’s next move can become extremely advantageous.”

The future looks bright for CCHS wrestling. In addition to promising non-graduating classes, a solid pool of soon-to-be freshmen is expected to help the team in the lower weights. Current juniors Rick Fadden, Luke Battle and Taylor Kingman will lead next year’s squad.

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