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Friday, March 27, 2009

Hanover Hill update

On June 9, 2008, the Planning Board approved both the subdivision plan for Hanover Hill, with a list of waivers and conditions, as well as a special permit for five common driveways. At its March 23 meeting, the board received an ANR plan (Approval Not Required) from Wilkins Realty. The plan is for Lot A that was to be served by a common driveway entering Hanover Road – one of the two subdivision roads. The lot in question is the one nearest Acton Street and has legal frontage on Westford Street. (See “35-lot Hanover Hill subdivision approved,” Mosquito, June 13, 2008 page 8).

Since the plan satisfied all requirements of frontage, acreage and shape given in Section 4.1 of Carlisle’s Zoning Bylaws, the board signed the plan even though it raised a number of questions regarding the subdivision: Does the developer intend to exercise the common driveway special permit? Will there be two driveways entering Hanover Road in lieu of the common driveway? (This could raise issues of how water run-off and drainage is handled, as well as ease of access to the two lots for fire and emergency vehicles.) Will the developer attempt to implement a driveway for Lot A onto Westford Road? (This would violate the rationale for waivers granted on slope of the two subdivision roads.) The board will await evolving developments to see if these questions are relevant. ∆

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