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Friday, March 27, 2009

Board of Health shorts, March 17

Well regulations. At their meeting last Tuesday, the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) held a public hearing to discuss proposed changes to town well regulations. See last week’s issue for details. The board plans to finalize changes at their next meeting on April 7.

110 Maple Street - Public hearing. A family planning to tear down and enlarge their house requested a waiver with a deed restriction that would allow their septic system to remain within 100 feet of wetlands, constituting an exemption from the new septic regulation. The board advised the homeowners to return with a more detailed narrative from their engineer justifying the proposed design, and to continue consulting with the Conservation Commission before inviting abutters to a formal public hearing.

278 South Street - Public hearing. Mark Slater from Alan Engineering spoke on behalf of homeowners planning to tear down and rebuild their house in the existing location. Due to recent wetland expansion on their property, the owners must get a waiver for the 100-foot wetland setback regulation in order to maintain well and septic systems in existing locations. With several conditions from the board’s consultant, and directions that the owners must consult the Conservation Commission, the BOH granted a waiver.

879 Concord Street - Soil-evaluated testing approval. As local approving authority, the board reviewed 1992 and 2009 soil testing results for lot 3B on Concord Street. Technical site plans to place a new septic system on the property had passed engineering review by town consultant Rob Frado. Due to sandy soils, good perk rates, consistent results and no problematic soil conditions, the board accepted the tests as sufficiently compliant with current codes.

Manure dumping. In conjunction with Carlisle Police, the BOH is investigating illegal nighttime manure-dumping on Curve Street as a potential health risk.

Lyme disease open house. The board is planning a community Lyme disease awareness night after Town Meeting in May. Speakers will include a veterinarian, medical doctor and a representative from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Dry dredging at Great Brook. The board had no objections to the plan to “dry dredge” the duck pond at Great Brook Farm in a state-funded project to reverse bank collapse and eutrophication, although board members raised concerns about potential manure run-off.

Hazardous Waste Collection Day at the Transfer Station is May 30. Dispose of oil-based paints, solvents, stains, pesticides, cleaners, etc. For more information, contact the BOH at 1-978-369-0283. ∆

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