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Friday, March 27, 2009

Carlisle awarded 911 grant

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the State 911 Department has awarded $10,602 in grants to Carlisle to support its 911 emergency dispatch communications center and enhance public safety.

The grant was drawn from a fund created last year by the legislature and Governor Deval Patrick, who approved a law creating a State 911 Department, and a single surcharge on each subscriber whose communication service is capable of accessing and utilizing the enhanced 911 system in the Commonwealth. Passage assured citizens would be able to call for police, fire or emergency medical services whenever and from wherever needed and that the public safety workers taking the calls have been trained and have state of the art equipment to provide the needed help.

“I am delighted that Carlisle will be receiving this grant,” said Representative Cory Atkins.

Customers now pay a $0.75 surcharge per month that is used to pay for enhanced training, upgraded equipment, infrastructure improvements and incentives to regionalize 911 operations. That surcharge provides $19.1 million in FY09 and approximately $21.5 million in FY10 directly to 911 answering centers to enhance training, upgrade equipment and support operating expenses. ∆

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