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Friday, March 27, 2009

Man charged with roadside trash dumping

A Chelmsford man will go to court after Carlisle Police traced several recent cases of illegal dumping to him. Police are still investigating the incidents and additional charges may be brought.

Trash bags left at North Road and Pine Brook Road on February 6 led to the identification of a 51-year-old Chelmsford man and his 23-year-old assistant, also from Chelmsford, through the simple exercise of going through the trash and following a charged Home Depot receipt to the purchaser. On March 4, construction material dumped at Curve Street and the Cranberry Bog was reported to police and on March 23, a hot water heater and rubbish were found in the parking lot of the Cranberry Bog at Curve and Martin Streets. Both incidents were traced to the same Chelmsford man. The Department of Public Works removed the material from the roadway.

Carlisle Police Lt. Leo Crowe said that so far only the man who paid for the materials has been held responsible for the illegal dumping, although his paid assistant actually disposed of them. No one claims responsibility for the hot water tank; the Carlisle resident for whom the men were working says they were not working on his hot water heater. No court date has been set. ∆

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