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Friday, March 27, 2009


Destination Imagination teams compete, improv team advances


The improvisational “Private DI” team, (left to right) Matt Brewster, Justin Delgado and Jamie Moore advanced to the state DI tournament.

On Saturday, March 14, five teams from Carlisle, with kids ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade, participated in the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament, hosted by Chelmsford High School. Carlisle fielded two middle school teams, two elementary teams and one early elementary or “Rising Stars” team. They all had their creative juices running; they worked hard and performed fantastically.

Destination Imagination (DI) is an international competition that promotes creative problem solving within a team setting – the kids do all the work; adult interference is prohibited. Over the course of several months, each team works on both a selected challenge and improvisational skills. The challenges have specific components, ranging from art and literature to technology and engineering, that must be incorporated into a brief, creative presentation. DI allows kids to have fun while solving a problem and working together.

ViDIo Lit Hits team: (left to right) Tristan Wilmot, Matthew Hill, Connor Wilmot, John Knobel and Connor Gushue.

A New Angle team: (back row, left to right) Josh
Szczesniak, Christopher Sheih, Nick Jacques (front row) Brian Szczesniak and Kevin Phillips.
Instinct Messaging team: (back row, left to right) Miles Kissinger, Harry Topol, Teddy Storrs, Kelly Phillips, (front row) Meg Davis, Sarah Fry and Cameron Nayeri.  

Private DI Team

The work of the improvisational team, “Private DI,” advanced them to the state DI tournament. This eighth -grade team of Matt Brewster, Justin Delgado and Jamie Moore created a six-minute improvisational skit around a randomly selected superstition, and built a Superstition Origin Detector that was incorporated into their skit. The team won first place and received a Renaissance Award, an exclusive honor bestowed only upon teams that demonstrate an exceptionally high level of creative engineering design.


Rising Stars team: (standing, left to right) Heather Szczesniak, Alexandru Rosca, Thalia Westland, Jack Kidder, Claire Seddon, Gabrielle Sheih (seated) Maxwell Topol and Naomi Kablotsky.

The literature and theater arts team, “ViDIo Lit Hits,” created a live music video to dramatically retell a piece of literature. The eighth-grade team brought to life “The Three Musketeers” in a six-minute musical comedy that included a choreographed sword fight and a dramatic beheading using an original technical device. The team designed and created detailed period costumes, and composed and sang their own music. Team members Connor Wilmot, Tristan Wilmot, John Knobel, Connor Gushue and Matthew Hill grabbed fourth place.

Wood and glue structure

The structural design team, “A New Angle,” engineered, designed and built a structure from wood and glue. This fourth and fifth grade team, made up of Nick Jacques, Brian Szczesniak, Josh Szczesniak, Christopher Sheih and Kevin Phillips, crafted two hexagonal structures weighing 27 grams that balanced upon one another in an hourglass design and were then subjected to weights in the “crusher.” This was complemented with an original and creative puppet show about two merging art forms – music and sculpture – presented with their team-designed puppets and theater.

The scientific exploration team, “Instinct Messaging,” developed an icy scene dramatizing the habitat and communication methods of a chosen creature, the Emperor Penguins. This third-and fourth-grade team – Teddy Storrs, Miles Kissinger, Harrison Topol, Kelly Phillips, Meg Davis, Cameron Nayeri and Sarah Fry – built an iceberg scene from cardboard boxes and duct tape, two staples of any serious DI Team. Their performance ecstatically demonstrated social and communication habits of a penguin family, complete with celebratory music and dance.

The “Rising Stars” team worked together exploring hidden worlds and mechanical gadgets while developing their group interactive skills and igniting their creativity. This kindergarten and first grade team was comprised of Jack Kidder, Maxwell Topol, Thalia Westland, Alexandru Rosca, Naomi Kablotsky, Heather Szczesniak, Claire Seddon and Gabrielle Sheih. They wrote a captivating play and designed their own costumes. Their story takes place in the hidden “Mushroom World” and features a mushroom-girl who becomes trapped in a hole created by monsters and is saved by the Gadget Heroes who provide her with screws that she uses to escape.

The participants fantastic experience would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the team managers and the generosity of the appraisers. George Bishop, Walter Hickman and CCHS students David Rayson, Curran Wilmot and Dean Cote served as our appraisers; team managers were John Delgado, Diane Delgado, Kathy McKinley Colette Cooke, Dan Jacques, Mary Storrs, Jane Mosier, Andrea Seddon and Nancy Szczesniak. ∆

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