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Friday, March 20, 2009

ConsCom okays boardwalk for Town Forest

Louise Hara appeared at the March 12 Conservation Commission (ConsCom) meeting on behalf of the Trails Committee, relative to a Request for Determination of Applicability of whether a full permit is required for construction of a boardwalk at the Town Forest. The 80-foot boardwalk over wetlands and a stream will replace a badly degraded crossing in the portion of the property farthest from East Street.

Numerous Trails Committee members and abutters were in attendance. Hara answered questions about the construction process explaining that the Trails Committee would precut the lumber and actual assembly would take less than a day. The boardwalk would sit on top of the wetland and allow light and animals to pass beneath it.

She said the Trails Committee has a bicycle with a banana seat and handlebars that curve upward on which they transport the 250-pound concrete bumpers that support the wooden boardwalk. Four people guide the bike through the woods to the site. She expressed the committee’s hope that abutters near the boardwalk site will permit the committee to carry their materials in over their land to save the long haul through the woods.

Hara indicated that Community Preservation Funds will cover the materials and that the new boardwalk will be constructed this year. The commission approved the project by voting to issue a Negative Determination – signifying that a full permit is not needed. ∆

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