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Friday, March 20, 2009


Middle school girls varsity basketball team undefeated

The Carlisle Middle School Girls Varsity Basketball team had an unbelievable season this year. We were undefeated. The team had five returning players and welcomed 12 more to the team, including our wonderful manager Whitney Cook. We were in a league of our own this year, playing Lincoln, Parker, Hanscom, Harvard, Brown and Day Schools. Games against St. Jeanne and Southborough were cancelled, and we were unable to reschedule the games for various reasons.

Girls team (front row, left to right) Molly Koski, Olivia Konuk, Morgan Smith, Abby Samargya, Tori Forelli, Krissy McGrory, (second row) Michelle Carey, Margot Cohen, Lexi Smith, Angela DeBruzzi, Maddie Creighton. (third row) Emma Brandhorst, Julia Krupp, Hannah Deignan Not pictured: Jillian Sweeny, Belle Hankey and team manager Whitney Cook. (Courtesy photo)

Our season opener against St. Jeanne kicked off with a huge power outage. Both teams tried to wait it out, but unfortunately had to call it a day as the time ticked away.

The girls dominated our next two games against Parker. Abby Samargya, Angela DeBruzzi, Olivia Konuk and Hannah Deignan led the team in offense, each scoring between six and ten points in the games. Krissy McGrory and Lexi Smith were superb defenders, always staying between the basket and their player.

The girls really came together and played well as a team in both games against Lincoln. The co-captains Belle Hankey and Maddie Creighton were unstoppable on the court. Maddie and teammate Julia Krupp each scored eight points and no one could get past Belle to score. Michelle Carey, Tori Forelli and Jilly Sweeny’s defensive skills were able to stop Lincoln from scoring on multiple occasions.

Hanscom started off strong and gave Carlisle a great first half. Because of the sage advice from Belle and Maddie as well as Angela, Tori, Hannah, Olivia and Molly, all of the girls were able to get their heads back in the game to play basketball.

The girls came out strong and fast against Harvard. Molly Koski scored an amazing 12 points, while Emma Brandhorst, Morgan Smith and Margot Cohen led the team in defense.

The second-to-last game of the season against Brown Middle School in Newton was the most nail-biting game we experienced this season. Carlisle’s one-point win came down to the last 44 seconds. Everyone played her hardest on offense and defense. The girls ran the inbounding and offensive plays we had practiced all season. They made fast breaks and were able to sink textbook lay-ups.

We ended the season against Day Middle School in Newton. We only had 11 players. The girls were a little nervous on the court. They wanted to uphold their record and it was apparent they were not truly thinking about the game and were not playing as a team. There were multiple turnovers, fouls, traveling and simply throwing the ball away. After many time-outs and substitutions, the girls were finally able to come together as a team and play the game the way they knew how to play. Maddie, Belle, Angela and Hannah each scored between six and 12 points. Michelle, Margot, Julia and Jilly also contributed to scoring. Emma, Lexi, and Morgan were solid when defending their players.

If you would like to see photos of the girls in action, please go to: and click on My Albums. ∆

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