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Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking for wind turbines?

At the February 23 Planning Board Hearing one of the board members, Carol Nathan, requested a list of opportunities to visit and listen to wind turbines. Below is a partial list of sites. Not to worry about trespassing – these sites have been selected for public access.

• Centreville School, 17 Hull Street, Beverly. This is a Bergey BWC EXCEL Wind Turbine 10 kW on a 100-foot guyed lattice tower. It has “Auto Furl” (High Speed Wind Protection). It has three blades (which total 23’ diameter).

• Clay Center for Science and Technology, Dexter and Southfield Campus, 20 Newton Street, Brookline.

This is a 1000-watt (1 kW) Bergey XL.1 wind turbine mounted on a 20-foot lattice tower at the north of the Clay Science Center north deck. This turbine is connected to a 24-volt battery bank and a separate stand-alone 1000-watt inverter to transform its DC output to standard 120-volt AC current.

• Larger wind turbine Installations – not covered by the proposed bylaw:

a. A 100 kW wind turbine at 256 Freeport Street, Dorchester.

b. McGlynn School, 3002 Mystic Valley Parkway, Medford. This is a Northwind 100 kW monopole installation. This turbine is 131 feet tall with 33-foot blades that will spin around 12 miles per hour. It is sited less than 150 feet from the school yard. ∆

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