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Friday, March 6, 2009

Board of Selectmen shorts, February 24

Community Preservation Committee (CPC). On February 24, Selectman Tim Hult outlined and prioritized the four requests which will appear on the Warrant for Town Meeting on May 4: repair of Gleason Public Library’s water damage ($730-780K), preservation of the Highland Building ($450K), Cranberry Bog House repairs ($140K) and open space and recreation plan update ($10K). The CPC currently has approximately $1.4 million set aside for affordable housing, historical preservation, and open space and recreation.

Until this past year, the town’s annual contributions were matched 100% by the state. However, last year the town collected $370,000 and the state contributed only $250,000, a matching rate of roughly 70%. The rate is predicted to fall to about 40% next October. The Selectmen hope there will be $400,000 to $500,000 added to Carlisle’s CPC funds this year, but approval of all four projects would deplete reserves.

Town Warrant. The Selectmen reviewed the 40 items under consideration for Town Meeting. The meeting will probably take at least two evenings. The Selectmen will finalize the items and the order of the list and will determine which items they will support at their next meeting on March 10. A budget transfer for snow and ice removal will be needed, but ongoing weather issues may delay identification of that precise number.

MEMA/FEMA Funds. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie reported seeking reimbursement for some of the town costs incurred for emergency clean-up stemming from the December 11 ice storm.

Inter-Municipal Agreement. The town of Acton has prepared a document for Westford, Concord and Carlisle to consider. Acton is taking the role of lead town in the next phase of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. The Selectmen will review the document for proposed action at the March 10 meeting. ∆

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