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Friday, February 27, 2009

Conservation Commission shorts, February 12

Cranberry Bog dam. Conservation Commission (ConsCom) Administrator Sylvia Willard stated that she had received an order from the state in early December requiring an inspection of one of the dams at the Cranberry Bog. In response to a follow-up letter from Willard, the Dam Safety Office has agreed to delay the order while they determine whether or not the dam is exempt for agricultural reasons.

Bylaw revisions. The commission agreed that the major changes in the ConsCom bylaws will not be ready for this year’s town meeting.

211 Bellows Hill Road. Owner Peter George appeared before the ConsCom on February 12, explaining that he intends to sell his property and wishes to clear up some outstanding issues with the ConsCom. George explained that he had filed a Notice of Intent in 2002 to clear land and to restore four fields. He noted that all of the fields had been cleared, but two of the four ConsCom-required replication areas have not been completed. George has a buyer for the property and would like to be able to sell on April 1. ConsCom agreed to hear his plans in two weeks.

646 South Street. The ConsCom heard a Notice of Intent from applicant John Merz for a construction road to access a staging area for a planned house addition. According to Merz’s representative, Russ Wilson, the location of the construction road is constrained by the need to avoid the septic tank. Wilson expects that the gravel construction road will be in place for approximately one year and he stated the driveway will be removed and the area returned to its previous state when the project is complete. The nearby wetland area has been reflagged and hay bales and a silt fence are in place.

The ConsCom granted a standard order of conditions with two additional statements. First, an explicit statement requires that the driveway be removed at the end of the project. Second, if ailing spruce trees in the immediate area should die during the construction period, they may be removed without a return visit to the ConsCom.

383,389 River Road. The Notice of Intent expected for restoration of a bordering vegetative wetland and 100-foot buffer zone was not heard. Instead, applicant Luciano Manganella (not present) requested a continuance. The ConsCom agreed to continue this hearing until February 26 at 9 p.m.

24 Bingham Road. A Notice of Intent was filed by Theodore Mark for demolition and reconstruction of an existing barn and addition of a deck and stairs to the rear of the existing home. Representatives explained that Mark is planning to sell the property and on advice from realtors, wishes to tear down a plywood chicken coop. Mark would like ConsCom approval for the future owner to have the option of rebuilding a new structure of a smaller size using the same footprint. Commission member Peter Burns expressed discomfort with the “blank check element” and stated that the slab foundation of the current barn does not meet code. “If this is an eyesore and he wants to get rid of it – fine. It’s the permitting of something on that space, so close to the wetlands – without even knowing what it will be – that concerns me.” Stating that they heard the commission’s concerns, Mark’s representatives requested a continuance and the ConsCom agreed to continue the hearing on February 26 at 9:15 p.m..

Camping regulations. The commission continued a public hearing on proposed revisions to the camping regulations. Timothy Donohue of the Land Stewardship Committee outlined the changes to which the ConsCom had agreed at its last meeting. The commission suggested some specific wording changes and agreed to continue the hearing until February 26, when they will take a final vote on the new regulations. ∆

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