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Friday, February 13, 2009

CSC pushes for superintendency union soon

Discussion remained amicable but the temperature was warm in the crowded Heald Room on February 9 as the Finance Committee (FinCom) invitees, the Carlisle School Committee (CSC), Superintendent Marie Doyle, and Board of Selectmen (BOS) aired their differing opinions on moving ahead quickly with an administrative union for the Carlisle School. ...more

State aid $133,000 more than expected for FY10

With all the departmental over-guideline requests now in, Town Finance Director Larry Barton reported at the February 9 Finance Committee (FinCom) meeting that the governor’s proposed budget for FY10 would send about $133,000 more state funding to Carlisle than anticipated. The FinCom had prepared the budget with an expectation of a 15% decrease in state ...more

Routine cleaning may benefit Lady Liberty

Now that the Liberty statue in the rotary has been spruced up, what needs to be done to keep it in good condition going forward? Ivan Myjer of the Arlington firm Building and Monument Conservation worked on the statue last June and has since submitted a final report. Carlisle Garden Club Civic Committee member Jane Anderson helped coordinate the project and ...more

Lincoln and Sudbury consider union

The towns of Lincoln and Sudbury are also considering a superintendency union. According to the on-line Sudbury School Committee notes of February 4, 2009, a study committee is being appointed that will “research and analyze every aspect of consolidation from studying the operations of other regional school districts to making a detailed study of the functions ...more

CPC reviews grant applications for town’s oldest buildings

On February 3, the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) continued its discussion of proposals for project funding. Proposals have been submitted by the Board of Selectmen for the base renovation of the Highland Building, by the Library Trustees for restoration of the façade on the Gleason Public Library, by the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) for repairs ...more

Gleason Library hit by ice build-up

The incredible snowfall this winter has led to some leaky roof problems for the Gleason Library. Snow and ice piled on the flat section of roof between the old and new buildings melted and filtered through the flashing in the roof, entering into the walls on the second floor and soaking a portion of the carpeting. Library Director Angela Mollet called the Department ...more

Planning Board reviews new wind turbine bylaw

Alternative Energy Committee member Keith Therrien reviewed the proposed new bylaw on Wind Energy Conversion Systems at the board’s Monday evening meeting. The proposed new Section 5.10 would establish standards for locating and using wind turbines in any zoning district by special permit issued by the Board of Appeals. ...more

Shorts from the Selectmen, February 10

New contract for Police Chief. The Selectmen approved a new three-year contract for Police Chief John Sullivan. His first year base compensation will be $85,233. This will increase by 2.5% in each of the two following years. In addition, Chief Sulllivan will receive an increase of 12.5% each year under the Quinn ...more

Carlisle School Committee lays out superintendency plan

At the February 4 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting the CSC announced it would be hiring an outside consultant to assist in the process of determining whether a superintendency union will be formed between the Carlisle and Concord school systems. ...more

Shorts from the CSC February 4

Four day kindergarten. Superintendent Marie Doyle told the CSC that the school is evaluating the benefits of a four-day kindergarten schedule. Currently the three classes meet five mornings and two afternoons each week. The afternoon sessions are funded through a parent-paid kindergarten fee. The change in schedule ...more

CSC samples lessons of 3rd-grade

The Carlisle School third grade team presented what they called a “snippet” of the curriculum to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on February 4. Superintendent Marie Doyle introduced teachers Chris Denaro, Cindy Morris, Gene Stamell and third grade Special Educator Jennifer Rowland, saying, “We have an extraordinary third grade team.” ...more

Carlisle School hires four replacement teachers

Four Carlisle teachers are heading out on family leave this spring. Carlisle School Elementary Principal Patrice Hurley announced two teachers have been hired and a third offered a position as substitute teacher. At the February 4 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting Hurley reported the new teachers “are well qualified and fully certified.” In March ...more

Freeze averted at Carlisle School

On a day with degrees hovering around 10 degrees a freeze prevention alarm sounded at Carlisle School. Building and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery received a call on February 7 that the alarm for the Spalding Building was activated. “The alarm sensors report to Lexington Alarm Systems,” explained Flannery in an email. “The space sensor reported a low ...more

FinCom revisits budget requests

At their February 9 meeting the Finance Committee (FinCom) discussed belt-tightening measures being taken by town departments in preparation for possible cuts in state aid in both FY09 and FY10. ...more

Planning Board shorts, Feb. 9

• A Slip on the LIP? Associate member David Freedman began the discussion of Yongdeng Chen’s proposal to the Selectmen of a ten-unit 40B development on a 4.2-acre pork chop lot on Maple Street (See “Selectmen hear details of a possible ‘friendly’ 40B,” Mosquito, February 6, 2009). Other board members expressed ...more

State issues preliminary approval for new Billerica power plant

The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board on February 4 published its tentative decision to approve construction of a 348 megawatt power plant to be located in Billerica near the intersection of Route 495 and the Concord River. The plant is to run up to 2,300 hours per year during times of peak energy demand, using natural gas as a primary fuel and a ...more

Selectmen look at proposed 40B reform bill

Last Tuesday, February 10, the Board of Selectmen discussed an urgent request from 40B attorney Dan Hill to pressure Carlisle’s representatives in the legislature to co-sponsor and support a new Chapter 40 reform bill. While the Selectmen were receptive to the proposal, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie pointed out that the deadline is tomorrow (February ...more

ConsCom agenda for Thursday, Feb. 26

7:30 Minutes, bills, agenda items ...more

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