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Friday, February 13, 2009

Planning Board shorts, Feb. 9

• A Slip on the LIP? Associate member David Freedman began the discussion of Yongdeng Chen’s proposal to the Selectmen of a ten-unit 40B development on a 4.2-acre pork chop lot on Maple Street (See “Selectmen hear details of a possible ‘friendly’ 40B,” Mosquito, February 6, 2009). Other board members expressed dismay that the first they had heard of the proposed LIP (Local Initiative Program) was as reported in the Mosquito. Freedman said that apparently at least some of the Selectmen knew about it at the end of October and that, at the Selectmen’s meeting on January 27, he told the Selectmen that the Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and Board of Health should have been apprised of the proposal.

Board Chair Greg Peterson commented on the initiative that the board undertook last year to develop a comprehensive set of regulations and bylaws that are horizontally consistent with each other and vertically consistent with the Town’s land use vision. (See “Planning Board shorts, November 10,” Mosquito November 14, 2008.) He said that if they had known of the impending LIP they could have moved forward more rapidly thereby facilitating better management of 40Bs (and LIPs) by the Board of Appeals.

• Public Hearing – wireless bylaw revisions. Peterson thanked the sole attendee from the public, Don Allen, and expressed the hope that more would attend the continued hearing at 8:45 pm on February 23. He said, “It is difficult to have a dialog at Town Meeting.” Allen, the Board, and Building Inspector John Luther went through nuances of the proposed changes. Peterson summarized objectives of the revisions: (1) Simplify organization of the bylaw, (2) Set forth goals of the bylaw with a list of priorities, and (3) Try to influence wireless facility applicants to move toward less intrusive technologies.

Solar power installations. Also scheduled at 7:45 p.m. on February 23 will be a Public Hearing on a proposed new bylaw: Subsection to add solar power installations as a permitted accessory use, and to amend Section 4.6, Building Height, to include limitations on the height of accessory generating facilities for solar power. One possible deficiency was noted in the language: only residential installations are addressed. It is not clear if installations would be permitted on public buildings. ∆

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