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Friday, February 13, 2009

Gleason Library hit by ice build-up

The incredible snowfall this winter has led to some leaky roof problems for the Gleason Library. Snow and ice piled on the flat section of roof between the old and new buildings melted and filtered through the flashing in the roof, entering into the walls on the second floor and soaking a portion of the carpeting. Library Director Angela Mollet called the Department of Public Works (DPW) to shovel the snow off the roof, and asked Carlisle School Building and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery to assess the situation.

A dehumidifier is aimed at holes in the wall where water leaked into the walls of Gleason Library. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)

Mollet said she discovered the damage last Saturday after she saw water dripping from the windowsill on the first floor. She found wet rugs on the second floor, and one of the ceiling tiles crumbled when handled. Flannery suspected the flashing on the roof, so Mollet called the company that recently worked on the roof, which is still under warranty.

“We brought down two of our large dehumidifiers and a carpet dryer and set them up,” said Flannery. Mollet contacted the same flood-drying specialist that the school has used, Flannery said. The specialist cut some holes in the walls to assist in drying them out.

With the recent rain, though, more leaks were discovered. “Our equipment is still down there and I’ve been checking with her each week to provide whatever support I can,” said Flannery. “I also know that last week she had some septic back-up issues,” he added.

Town departments cooperate

Cooperation between town departments is not unusual, according to Flannery. “I also work with Gary Davis and we share equipment,” he explained. “He uses my lift (the one we use to change lights in the gym) two to three times a year. And he sends his heavy equipment here when I need it (such as a back-hoe to dig holes).” The DPW also hauls the large cardboard recycling container to the recycling center for the school.

Flannery said, “I also back up the water operator for Town Hall and have helped with some issues there over the years.” Added Flannery, “We all work very well together. Most people don’t know this.” ∆

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