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Friday, February 13, 2009

Lincoln and Sudbury consider union

The towns of Lincoln and Sudbury are also considering a superintendency union. According to the on-line Sudbury School Committee notes of February 4, 2009, a study committee is being appointed that will “research and analyze every aspect of consolidation from studying the operations of other regional school districts to making a detailed study of the functions of each administrative position.”

The study is due to be completed by December 2009. Members of the study committee will include representatives of each town’s finance committees, a representative from each of the three school committees (Lincoln, Sudbury and Lincoln-Sudbury) and one or two members of the towns’ budget task force. A School Committee member notes that a working group of seven to ten could move at a swift enough pace to be article-ready in 2010. He adds that one of the issues to be settled is whether the union requires a Town Meeting vote under the regional agreement or only the vote of the School Committees. ∆

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