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Friday, February 13, 2009


In the Carlisle seventh-grade play
Into The Woods, Junior

Seventh grade brings classic fairy tale characters to life

(All photos by Allie Cottrill)

The Witch (Tori Forelli) has great stage presence and a strong voice. She causes much mischief in the woods by sending the Baker on a quest to gather four things she needs before she will make his and his wife’s wish (to have a child) come true. Little Red Riding Hood (Audrey Stein) buys some bread from the Baker and goes into the woods to bring it to her granny. Her red cape is another object sought by the Baker. The hungry wolves are after her, too.
The Baker’s Wife (Holly McGrory) has found the cow-as-white-as-milk, one of the items for the witch. The cow formerly belonged to Jack and his mother before Jack sold it to the Baker for a handful of (magic) beans.
Cinderella (Caroline Means) goes into the woods with a wish to go to the King’s festival.
The slipper does not fit Cinderella’s Stepsister Florinda (Hannah Deignan) although her Stepmother (Katie Nunan) slices a little of her foot off to make it fit. The other Stepsister Lucinda (Krissy McGrory) waits for her turn.
By the end of the Junior version of Into The Woods, everyone has his or her wishes granted. Here the Baker’s Wife (Holly McGrory) holds her new baby with the Baker (Adrian DiRomualdo) at her side.
Happy fairy tale characters sing in the finale. Left to right are Rapunzel’s Prince Robert (Matthew Kiel), who filled in at the last minute for Parker Zimmerman who came down with chicken pox, Rapunzel (Celeste Balboni), the Witch (Tori Forelli) after the spell that had made her old and ugly was broken and she became young and beautiful again, Jack’s Mother (Margot Cohen) and Jack (Jay Tappen), who successfully escaped from the giants with enough gold to keep them housed and fed for life.

Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Corey Auditorium was transformed into the deep woods of classic fairy tales by the talents of 82 seventh graders, performing as fairy tale characters, villagers and even trees, lighting and sound technicians and stage crew. Into the Woods, Jr. tells the tales of Cinderella, the Baker and his Wife, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk, wryly intersecting the stories so that all the various characters meet and interact, alternatively helping and preventing each other from attaining their hearts’ desires. Like all fairy tales, Into the Woods, Jr. is a morality play, warning the players and the audience to be careful what you wish for, and to be “careful what you say, for children will listen.” Carlisle seventh graders tackled the sophisticated challenges of the Stephen Sondheim musical score and the James Lapine book with energy, understanding and verve, creating a vibrant 90-minute theater experience for all. A dedicated crew of parents, with Drama Director Elizabeth Gutterman and Music Director Megan Harlow, provided each participant with a chance to shine. To all the people who made Into the Woods, Jr. a resounding success, bravissimo!

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