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Friday, February 6, 2009

Heartwarming food for Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a cake or a loaf of bread in the shape of a heart, it is a treat for the Shohet family, whenever Carolyn Shohet bakes for Valentine’s Day. (Photo by Dave Ives)

From a cooking perspective, I love the placement of Valentine’s Day on the calendar; it falls in the heart of winter (no pun intended), far enough past the December holidays that all feelings of being saturated with sweets and rich foods have passed. Although cooking a Valentine’s feast for your one special sweetheart might be the most traditional way to go, I’m making a Valentine’s luncheon for a small gathering of friends this year – people who are close to my heart and whom I want to honor on this special day of affection. Whether your lucky recipients will be one Valentine, your family or any other group, put your heart into it and brighten up this long snowy winter with a cheery, Cupid-inspired meal!



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