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Friday, January 30, 2009


Heading home to Turkmenistan after a semester at CCHS

Come February 2, America’s Groundhog Day, foreign exchange students Hojavepa “Vepa” Iqdirov and Gulnara Tuwakgylvjova will be returning to their city of Balkanabat in Turkmenistan, one of the five former Soviet Republics in Central Asia, bordering Iran and Afghanistan to the south and across the Caspian Sea from Georgia to the west. These students have ...more

Around Home: Never mind tech support – I’ll just ask my kids

Every December, my husband and I host a holiday party for a nonprofit board on which I sit. I’ve learned to plan carefully to cover for any circumstance. Extra ice and paper goods. Guest soaps in the bathroom. Backup corkscrews in case we misplace one. ...more

Biodiversity Corner Frullania

Anyone who has been for a walk in the woods, even when they are knee-deep in snow, has probably seen Frullania. It is begging to be noticed. It grows on tree trunks and much of it is very conveniently located at eye level. It’s small; it doesn’t shout; but it’s pretty and worth getting to know by name. ...more

Carlisleans lead the way to inauguration

Ed. note: Readers wrote in to tell the Mosquito of their Inaugural experiences. ...more

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