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Friday, January 30, 2009

Shorts from the CSC, January 21

Students watch Inauguration. Middle School Principal Joyce Mehaffey reported at the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting that middle school students were able to watch the January 20 Inauguration of President Obama in the Corey Auditorium. She was surprised and moved that, “When the Chief Justice said ‘Please stand,’ the students automatically stood.” The adults stood too, she added.

Many maternity leaves. Elementary Principal Patrice Hurley said a committee was busy interviewing substitutes to replace a first, fourth, sixth and music teacher. “They are all having children this spring,” she said.

Interest in preschool. Director of Student Services Karen Slack reported many families have expressed an interest in Carlisle School’s integrated preschool. She said, “It was my great pleasure in giving a number of preschool tours. There are several more to give, she added. “Parents have been very delighted to have a chance to go and see it.”

Update on school building project. Committee member Bill Fink gave a brief update on the progress of the School Building Committee. They have submitted the project’s educational specifications to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). The MSBA has issued a new projected enrollment of 693 for 2012. “Things are moving forward,” said Fink, “but not as quickly as we hoped.”

Second graders’ petition. Student representatives from Peter Darasz’s second-grade class presented the CSC with a petition asking to have their coat room expanded. “One of the things we stress in the second grade,” explained Darasz, “is that they can have a role and an impact on the world. I asked the kids, if they could change things, what would they change? One thing they wanted to change was the coat room.”

Student John Troast, whose idea it was to request a larger coat room, read the petition to the CSC. The students are asking for more space in the coat room, more hooks, and a bench. John then introduced his fellow student representatives: Jillian Chelton, Robert France, Steven Li, Jacob Sabran, Josh Bohn and Asa Szegvari. Superintendent Marie Doyle asked if John had a design, which he said he did but left at home. She said she would share the school building plans with his class. “That would be very interesting,” John replied.

CSC visits second-grade classroom. The second-grade team invited the CSC and audience to a classroom to view the way the class uses the electronic white board.

Votes. The CSC voted to approve a pest management policy, and a special detail charges policy. The committee then voted to enter into executive session to discuss contract negotiations. ∆

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