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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fill out town survey

To the Editor:

A little over a week ago, every household in Carlisle received an envelope marked “Official Town Needs Survey.” We encourage every adult Carlisle resident to participate in this important community assessment. Your town officials want to know what you think about your town, the services and opportunities offered, and what can be done to improve your quality of life.

We are asking every resident 21 years or older to take about ten minutes to complete the survey and return it to us so that your opinions will be heard and counted. The more people contribute their thoughts, the more meaningful the results will be. The data developed from this survey will be very important to us as we plan for the future, and we urge all residents to participate.

For additional information, please refer to the Carlisle town web site at

Thank you for taking part in this effort!

The Carlisle Board of Selectmen


Carlisle Elderly Housing Association Inc.
Correction to Affordable Housing Trust article

To the Editor:

On page two of the January 23 issue of the Carlisle Mosquito, there appeared an article entitled, “Shorts from the Affordable Housing Trust, January 15,” in which a brief paragraph appeared with the heading “Village Court expansion.”

This brief paragraph contained several inaccuracies:

1. The paragraph title “Village Court expansion” might reasonably lead a reader to believe there is a plan to expand Village Court. There currently is no plan to expand Village Court.

The one-sentence paragraph stated, “A report from engineers Stamski and McNary on the feasibility of tying Village Court into the school wastewater treatment plant is due the end of January.”

Carlisle Elderly Housing Association Inc. (which owns and operates Carlisle Village Court,) has commisioned Stamski and McNary to conduct an engineering study of the existing Village Court land to determine if additional buildable land would exist in the event Village Court and the Gleason Public Library no longer needed their septic systems. The issue of how wastewater would be disposed of is not being addressed by this study – only if additional buildable land would be available absent the need for these two septic systems.

3. Carlisle Elderly Housing Association Inc. expects to receive a report from Stamski and McNary sometime in January or February, which it plans to share with the Affordable Housing trust.

Bert Williams, president
Carlisle Elderly Housing Association Inc.

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