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Friday, January 23, 2009

Committee looks at restructuring administration

Is it time to try a new administrative model at the Carlisle School to save money and increase efficiency? The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) is looking at forming a Superintendency Union with Concord in order to share administrative personnel with both the Concord and the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Districts. CSC Chair Chad Koski said that research ...more

CSC Chair Chad Koski explains his support for a Superintendency Union

To the Editor: ...more

Carlisle’s past Superintendency Union

The idea of forming a Superintendency Union with other school districts may be new to many, but it is not new to Carlisle. Years ago, the Carlisle School shared a superintendent and business management with the towns of Harvard, Stow and Bolton, but chose to leave the group in 1972. At that time the Carlisle School had an enrollment of 604 students and two ...more

Benfield developer selected, what’s next?

With the selection of a Benfield developer completed, the Affordable Housing Trust met on January 15 to review the process going forward and to discuss the financial implications to the town. The trust was formed by Town Meeting in 2006 to facilitate the creation of affordable housing. Members include the five Selectmen as well as Planning Board representative ...more

Rocky Point profitability report still missing after two years

Aaron Gornstein of Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) has notified the Town of Carlisle that an audited certification detailing development costs and proceeds for the Rocky Point affordable housing project has not been received. The initial request was sent to developer Michael Kenny on December 19, 2006, at which time the development project ...more

It’s in the mail: Town surveys need for services

Have you opened the large white envelope that arrived in Carlisle mailboxes this week containing the Official Town Needs Survey? Jim Elgin hopes you will. He is leading the team of six who developed the survey. ...more

Shorts from the Affordable Housing Trust, January 15

Affordable Accessory Apartments. The Affordable Accessory Apartment (AAA) bylaw was approved by the state, reported Carlisle Administrative Coordinator Elizabeth Barnett at the Affordable Housing Trust meeting on January 15. Town Counsel and the Planning Board will review it, and then “It’s ready to go.” Housing ...more

Shorts from the SBC, January 15

Cost of schematic phase. The School Building Committee (SBC) voted to request the Board of Selectmen to place an Article on the Town Warrant for $450,000 for the schematic design phase of the Carlisle School building project. This amount includes $300,000 in design fees by the architectural firm HMFH, $88,000 for ...more

Pathways Committee shorts, January 15

Town Center. On January 15 the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory (Pathways) Committee voted to approve a recommendation to the Selectmen and Town Common Circulation Committee regarding Town Common improvements. The Pathways Committee recommends that for maximum safety, an extension of the pathway on Concord Street ...more

Housing Trust reviews Benfield developer selection process

Members of the Housing Authority used the forum of the town’s Affordable Housing Trust meeting on January 15 to defend the openness of the developer selection process for the Benfield Land on South Street. Abutter and Selectman Alan Carpenito had sent a letter to the Mosquito in which he questioned certain Housing Authority decisions which he believed had ...more


In last week’s front-page article “State looks to Obama economic aid, asks Carlisle for shovel-ready projects,” The term “shovel-ready” was defined as ready to go in 18 months. While there is no official definition of “shovel-ready,” the Boston Globe has quoted Team Obama as referring “to projects that are already designed, permitted and able ...more

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