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Friday, January 23, 2009

Shorts from the SBC, January 15

Cost of schematic phase. The School Building Committee (SBC) voted to request the Board of Selectmen to place an Article on the Town Warrant for $450,000 for the schematic design phase of the Carlisle School building project. This amount includes $300,000 in design fees by the architectural firm HMFH, $88,000 for site and environmental testing and review, and approximately 15% in contingency funds, should costs be higher than anticipated for this phase of the project. A discussion was held as to whether the funds would be requested at a Special Town Meeting in March or at the Annual Town Meeting in May. No decision was made on when to request the funds.

MSBA discussions. Storrs said the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has provided written confirmation of the 40% reimbursement rate for approved construction, and approval of the use of the architectural firm HMFH, provided the firm “met the criteria previously noted,” including using the MSBA’s contract.

Still unresolved is the enrollment estimate, that would drive the size of the project. The School Committee’s enrollment estimate of 700 students by 2012 is higher than the MSBA’s estimate of 640. Based on this number MSBA has indicated that 33 core classrooms should be sufficient, rather than the 41 listed by the school. However, Storrs said, the MSBA may be coming closer to the committee’s enrollment estimate of 700.

MSBA also indicated that it does not typically pay for a multi-purpose room, and questioned the size of new administration spaces. Some repairs, such as sound-proofing the Corey Dining Room, may not qualify for matching reimbursement funds.

Resignation. The committee voted to accept Christy Barbee’s resignation from the SBC and thanked Barbee for her hard work. Barbee has offered to assist with public relations, SBC Chair Lee Storrs noted.

New member. The committee voted to request the Selectmen appoint Linda Vanaria as a replacement committee member. Vanaria, a first grade teacher at the Carlisle School, has served on the Bedford Public Schools Building Committee.

Brochure and film. The SBC discussed ways to “get the word out” about the school building project. Most of the public relations work would need to be done by a political action group and not by the committee, Storrs pointed out. However, the SBC would like to print a tri-fold brochure detailing the project. Since the committee has no funds to cover printing costs, Town Treasurer and SBC member Larry Barton challenged committee members and offered to match any individual’s $20 donation at the meeting. The group quickly raised over $100 toward the printing costs.

Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman suggested the committee create a film of the current facilities, with Building and Grounds Supervisor David Flannery as the spokesperson. Flannery could point out areas that are in need of repair, or are inadequate educational spaces, she said. Public relations subcommittee member Christine Lear said she would investigate how the filming would be done. ∆

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