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Friday, January 23, 2009


Ten years ago this month

Previous library rennovation. In January 1999 it was reported in the Mosquito that the Gleason Library building renovation estimates had increased $400,000 to over $2.7 million. It was explained that more accurate estimates for site work and renovation were available since construction drawings were nearing completion. Another reason for the price increase was that contractors had plenty of work in the “booming” economy and submitted higher bids. The Finance Committee (FinCom) advised the library to try to trim total project costs. The project included a state grant of just under $920,000 as well as about $360,000 in private funds.

Cell towers. Hoping to rent space on several town-owned parcels for wireless communications facilities, the Selectmen sent a draft request for proposals to town counsel for approval, with hopes of soliciting bids late winter or early spring of 1999. (Ten years later, the town has not yet rented land for this purpose and is currently drafting a revised proposal.)

Carlisle School and FinCom review budget. The school’s “level service” request included an increase of 11.5% over the previous year, slightly above the FinCom guideline of 10.4%.

Cable TV survey. In preparation for the town’s upcoming cable license renewal in 2001, it was announced that the Selectmen would send a survey to all homes regarding programming and technical service provided by Cablevision, the current cable provider. Carlisle did not yet have cable Internet service and the non-profit Concord-Carlisle TV had not yet been formed. Darice Wareham, then serving on Carlisle’s Cable TV Advisory Committee, wrote that one benefit of cable’s digital television (DTV), was that it would “enable subscribers to receive the remarkably clear pictures of high-definition television, now in its infancy but probably as dramatic a development in television as the change from black-and-white to color.”

Twenty years ago this month

• The town considered whether to spend $80,000 to purchase the landlocked 15-acre MacAfee parcel by the Westford border. (The property was eventually given to the town for conservation purposes in 1992.) It abuts land owned by the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, and is near the Carlisle Pines State Forest off Forest Park Drive.

• Selectmen planned to ask Town Meeting approval to use the Highland Building for town offices instead of constructing a new Town Hall.

• Ellie Cochran announced her retirement as Town Clerk, a post she had held since 1966.

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