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Friday, January 23, 2009


Winter Soups – A bowl of soup with a slice of bread hits the spot

A BOWL OF HOT SOUP IS PERFECT FOR A COLD WINTER NIGHT. Martha Seely, known by her friends as a good cook, prepares soup to be served with sliced home-baked bread. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)



Putting together the ingredients for a kettle of home-made soup is a pleasure for me, no matter what the season. During the summer months there is the Cold Cucumber Soup and Gazpacho that I make from the vegetables growing in my garden. As the season progresses, I add Mulligatawny, Minestrone and Tomato soups to the list of possibilities after purchasing vegetables from the Carlisle Farmers Market. Then there is that Cold Cherry Soup that I like to serve with Hungarian Goulash when I have company for dinner. Once the winter months are upon us, I look to heartier soups. Three of those recipes appear here.



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