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Friday, January 16, 2009


A full house in the barnyard on East Meadow Lane

Two llamas and four alpacas have delighted Carlisle residents in recent Old Home Day parades as they have been led along the parade route by proud owner Jane Quinn. Regal and calm, they impress with their huge, soft eyes and incredibly long, silky eyelashes as they walk with careful gait on dainty, padded feet. ...more

At the Gleason Library: building abstraction on solid structure

Most people have a love or hate relationship with modern art. Artist Joseph Pickman demonstrates the ability to meet both audiences with his show entitled “20th and 21st Century Works” currently at the Gleason Library through the end of February. Many of his works are based on underlying geometric foundation and even actual interpretive drawings of landscapes. ...more

Green corner: Confessions of an energy saver

Our family doesn’t often agree with political correctness, but reducing our carbon footprint is one item that seems to make sense. Our energy-conscious approach is just above “accidental” – we simply try to be responsive when we stumble on an easy opportunity. The projects we’ve completed so far are described below. We have no idea what the specific ...more

Biodiversity Corner: Muskrat

“Look at them shuffling shuffling down
Rambling and scrambling heading to town” – “Muskrat Ramble” ...more

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