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Friday, January 16, 2009

Shorts from the CSC, January 7

Budget update. Superintendent Marie Doyle presented the quarterly budget to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on January 7. “We froze the budget in October,” she said. “We are in good shape right now.” CSC member Louis Salemy replied, “You guys have done a good job squeezing pennies.” The FY10 budget will be voted on at the February 6 meeting.

Student discipline policy. Based on feedback from the Coordinated Program Review of 2007, the CSC voted to add this language at the end of the Student Discipline Policy (#07.03.1999): “Students with special needs, including those students on IEPs or 504 plans, may have additional requirements for disciplinary action. Please see the Student Handbook for the procedures for discipline of students with special needs.”

CEF Wishing Tree funds. The committee voted the “grateful acceptance” of over $5,800 in donations from the CEF Auction for “wishing tree” items. Guests at the fundraiser selected items to fund from small trees placed at each table. Over 100 items were funded for each grade. The range of items spanned less expensive classroom pencil sharpeners, staplers, art supplies, music CDs, stop watches, math and literacy materials, to the more expensive digital cameras, DVD players and an outdoor storage shed.

Disposal of surplus equipment. The committee voted to dispose of surplus equipment. Committee member Bill Fink wanted to know why the 1988 Dodge van was being disposed of, and why the school was advertising for a used truck. “It would be used to take items to the Transfer Station,” explained Doyle. “Also David [Flannery] could use it to put out salt and sand.” The Dodge van’s condition is listed as “junk.”

Contract negotiations. The committee entered executive session to discuss teacher contract negotiations. ∆

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