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Friday, January 16, 2009

Shorts from the Zoning Board of Appeals, January 8

Assurance Technology. At its meeting on January 8, the Zoning Board of Appeals reviewed the special permit granted to Assurance Technology Corporation (ATC) for their property at 84 South Street. ATC is an engineering consulting company dealing primarily with government contracts. Jack Leonard, the comptroller, appeared for the company and gave an overview of their 30 years at the location. ATC currently employs 72 people at that facility, approximately 50 of whom are on site at any given time. The special permit limits the number of people to 88. There are few visitors and employee parking is behind the buildings, which is why one rarely sees cars parked in front. Employees are involved in engineering design and prototype construction. There is no heavy equipment to cause noise in the neighborhood.

The reconstruction of the “brick end building” is almost complete. Once it is complete and connected to the main building, about 15 employees will move in, alleviating a space crunch in the main building. Leonard requested no changes to the existing special permit. No vote was taken, since the permit is a perpetual one with only periodic reviews required.

Former Carlisle Animal Hospital. The board spent some time discussing the property owned by Dr. Peter Morey, where the Carlisle Animal Hospital used to operate. Dr. Morey is interested in selling the property and a potential buyer is considering living there and running a small dog kennel and grooming facility. This would require a special permit. The buyer is concerned that he could purchase the property and then be denied the permit. The board pointed out that the buyer can apply for the permit at any time and make the purchase and sale agreement contingent on its approval. ∆

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