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Friday, January 16, 2009

Historical Commission Shorts, Jan. 6

• Cranberry Bog House repair. Warren Lyman of the Carlisle Land Stewards offered information on the condition of the Bog House prior to filing an application for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding. The application is due on January 9 and would most likely be submitted for funds for historical repairs under the CPA.

The Bog House is a 103-year-old building owned by the town and leased to Mark Duffy. It contains three apartments, one of which is partly used by Duffy for equipment storage. Major repairs urgently needed include rotting windows and floorboards, which do not meet code. Although the Bog House is outside the Historical District, the Historical Commission has advisory responsibility for historic buildings throughout town. Its approval would be required if CPA funds are requested for historical preservation. Lyman was hopeful that the Conservation Commission would sponsor the application to the Community Preservation Commission (CPC), with co-sponsorship by the Historical Commission.

• Fireplace in existing chimney. Tom Ratcliffe of 14 Concord Street appeared before the commission in a public hearing to request approval to install a fireplace in the existing exterior chimney. The house, built in 1846, has two existing chimneys. Although the commission members offered Ratcliffe helpful advice on selecting old brick, they asked him to return with elevation drawings showing more detail. He was also asked to bring in samples of brick and mortar to be used. The hearing was continued to January 27. ∆

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