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Friday, January 16, 2009

Job loss hits close to home

As the national unemployment rate has climbed, Massachusetts unemployment has also risen, to 5.5% as of November 2008. The share of Carlisle residents applying for unemployment benefits rose by 1% during the period from November 2007 to November 2008, according to the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development (see Table 1). The actual number of Carlisle residents receiving unemployment benefits was 88 in November 2008, up from 61 a year earlier (see Table 2.)

Though a small number of homes have entered into foreclosure and some properties have had liens attached for unpaid taxes, Town Treasurer Larry Barton said there has been just “some minor slowness” in tax payments. “Nothing significant,” he added. He said the majority of tax liens are paid. “I’ll probably have three folks that I’ll be adding to the tax takings this year,” he said, and there are four who have “a very small balance” to pay.

“What I hear more of are people who question the size of their tax bill based on their property value,” Barton said. The current property taxes, due on February 2, are based on assessments from January 2008 when property values were higher. Many families in Carlisle have two incomes, Barton noted, and often a laid-off worker receives a severance package for a number of months. He speculated that the effect of increasing lay-offs may show up in tax collections “six to nine months from now.”


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