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Friday, January 16, 2009

WARM SMILE ON A WINTER DAY. Snow people have appeared recently along the wooded trails at the Cranberry Bog Conservation Land on Curve Street. (Photo by Beth Clarke)

FinCom suggests trimming town budgets 2%

At its January 12 meeting with department heads for Police, Fire and Department of Public Works, the Finance Committee (FinCom) grappled with how to react to the downturn in the economy and to guidance provided by the state regarding local aid. (See also “Selectmen balance financial actions,” page 5.) ...more

Jane Quinn, animal lover extraordinaire, enjoys a quiet moment with Zipper, a llama, at East Meadow Acres. (Photo by Jane Hamilton)

State looks to Obama economic aid, asks Carlisle for “shovel-ready” projects

In case federal economic stimulus funds become available for state and local infrastructure improvements, the state asked Massachusetts towns to submit a list of “ready to go” projects by January 8. Carlisle submitted the following for consideration: replacement of the Spalding School Building and renovations to other school buildings, the repair and restoration ...more


Job loss hits close to home

As the national unemployment rate has climbed, Massachusetts unemployment has also risen, to 5.5% as of November 2008. The share of Carlisle residents applying for unemployment benefits rose by 1% during the period from November 2007 to November 2008, according to the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development (see Table 1). The actual number of Carlisle ...more


A full house in the barnyard on East Meadow Lane

Two llamas and four alpacas have delighted Carlisle residents in recent Old Home Day parades as they have been led along the parade route by proud owner Jane Quinn. Regal and calm, they impress with their huge, soft eyes and incredibly long, silky eyelashes as they walk with careful gait on dainty, padded feet. ...more

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