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Friday, January 9, 2009

Shorts from the CSC Dec. 17

New bus contract open for bids. Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman reported on progress toward a new three- to five-year bus contract. Zimmerman said use of Concord’s school bus software has enabled Carlisle School to reduce the number of buses from eight to seven. “The contract is worded that we estimate we need seven or eight buses,” she explained, but she will include an option to decrease the number of buses if necessary. “If enrollment keeps going down we want the option to decrease the buses,” she explained. Currently each bus costs around $50,000 per year.

Fox-Melanson Grant. The committee accepted a donation from the Davida Fox-Melanson Grant fund totaling $5,000. The fund is managed by the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) and is named in honor of retired School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson. The CEF raises funds to provide additional educational support for students, teachers and staff at the Carlisle Public School. Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle thanked the CEF for its generosity.

The grant makes possible the attendance at four workshops: “The Reading Brain,” with participants special educators Bethany Boglarski, Jen Rowland, Connie McGrath; second-grade teacher Amy Sutherland; and Reading Specialist Sue LaPorte. Also “Implementing Response to Intervention,” with participants Boglarski, Rowland, LaPorte, Sutherland, first-grade teacher Shawna Horgan; “Choral Teaching Best Practices,” with participant music teacher Megan Harlow; “Continuum of Literacy,” with participants Sutherland, LaPorte, kindergarten teachers Barney Arnold, Suzanne Comeau, second-grade teacher Peter Darasz, third-grade teacher Cindy Morris, Elementary Principal Patrice Hurley, fourth-grade teacher Ken Ashe, and Reading Specialist Steve Bober.

Eighth-grade trip. Progress has been made on planning an end of the year trip for the eighth-grade, reported Middle School Principal Joyce Mehaffey. “The grade eight teachers are working on finalizing an itinerary and will present it at the next School Committee meeting on January 7,” she said.

Kindergarten enrollment. Superintendent Marie Doyle reported 65 kindergarten enrollment notices were sent in December. “There are 24 families who have said yes, one has said no, and one is undecided right now.”

Votes on policies. The committee passed a new gift and loan policy. The policy states the committee reserves the right to accept or decline gifts over $50, and may use all or some of the funds at their discretion despite the intention of the donation. Gifts of less than $50 may be accepted by the Superintendent without notice to the CSC. The committee approved an update to the Students Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

Technology Committee. The next Technology Committee meeting is March 23. “It seems like a committee that meets very infrequently,” noted committee member Bill Fink. “It used to meet every month,” replied Doyle. “We spent so much time on it last year,” she added, but currently only internal meetings are occurring. “We need to get a new tech plan for the next two years,” added Zimmerman, “so we’re doing that first.” The committee has consisted of community members in addition to school staff.

Teacher contract talks. The committee voted to enter into executive session to discuss teacher contract negotiations. ∆

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