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Friday, January 9, 2009

Selectmen shorts, Dec. 21

Highland. Selectman Alan Carpenito noted that the Highland Building Study Committee’s proposed Phase 1 repairs for $409,000 which will be brought up at the Spring Town Meeting on May 4, would cover essentials such as heating, plumbing and electrical systems, but would not qualify the building for school or town use. However, leasing to applicants such as the Emerson Umbrella would be possible. The alternative option of simply tearing down the building will range about $150,000.

Finances. Town Accountant Priscilla Dumka reported that, despite the Finance Committee’s guideline for zero increase in expenditures, the budget still lags about $15-20K short with the proposed reduction of 15% in FY10 state aid and the proposed assessment ratio increasing next year at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). Chairman Doug Stevenson expressed the continued concern of the board: “There isn’t a meeting that we don’t talk about this.”

Technology. The debut was announced of the first live streaming video webcast telecast by CCTV of a high school band concert to sister city Nanae, Japan.

Cemetery deeds. The Selectmen approved a total of eight graves in two cemetery plots. ∆

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