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Friday, January 9, 2009

Year starts with dramatic rescue


Officer Ron Holsinger and owner Bill Tee stand with Tuffie after the rescue. (Photo by Molly Tee)

Tuffie is one lucky horse. A 911 call and fast work from the able-bodied police officers saved him shortly before noon last Sunday. With no snow on the ground that morning, Tuffie was let out. The pond in his yard was iced over and he fell through it and could not get out. Owners Bill and Molly Tee of River Road made a quick 911 call. Molly held his head barely above water and Bill Tee and firemen and a vet stood ready to help while police officers Richard Tornquist and Ronald Holsinger, who were first responders, used sledgehammers to break the ice and clear a path for the horse to walk out of the pond on his own. Lt. Crowe of the Police Department said that the ice was thick enough to support the officers but could not withstand the weight of a horse. Molly Tee said that it was hard to get Tuffie’s attention after he had spent 20 to 30 minutes in the icy water, but that after a couple of sharp thwacks on the rump administered by Bill Tee, Tuffie jumped up and exited the pond. The horse was given a shot and in a few hours he seemed back to normal.

Carlisle Police Chief John Sullivan said this was his department’s first ice rescue. ∆

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