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Friday, January 9, 2009

COA extends many holiday thanks

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Council on Aging (COA) held their Annual Holiday Luncheon on December 18 at Union Hall. We would like to thank all the many people who made this such a successful event with over 80 people attending. We were entertained with a special concert featuring the Carlisle Middle School Advanced Choir under the direction of Megan Fitzharris Harlow, and accompanied by pianist Angela Monke. The students filled the hall with beautiful music and then went into the audience to meet and greet all the seniors. What a heartwarming experience!

Thank you to all the following: Helen Taylor, Natalie Ives, and Kathy Varney for shoveling at the last minute for us; Alice Hardy for the table centerpieces; Helen and Ray Taylor for setting up and checking people in; to Verna Gilbert for organizing the lunch and picking up the food; thanks to the friendly and efficient  “wait staff;” to van driver Nick Lunig for playing “Santa Nick” and getting people safely in and out of the van; to van driver John Horvath who helped as one of Santa’s elves; to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie for helping serve; to Carlilsle Brownie Troop #2668 and their leaders Heidi Kidder and Ali Walsh, who made all the favors. Everyone was delighted with them. Thanks to Phyllis Goff and Jean LaBroad who wrapped all the gifts; to Brian for setting up the microphone, Santo Pullaro for providing music. Carol Killpartrick, thanks for making sure there were transportation arrangements while going through a difficult week.

We would also like to thank the teachers and staff of the Carlisle School for the food certificates given for seniors in need. This was a very kind gesture. Last but not least, to the Friends of COA who helped make this holiday season a meaningful and easier time for some of our more needy seniors, thank you for all your year-long support.

Kathy Mull

Director, Carlisle COA


To the Editor:

My real estate taxes went up 16%.

How much did yours go up?

Judy Larson

Forest Park Drive

Grateful for the outreach

To the Editor:

This has been an especially difficult financial time for so many and yet you have thought about some of our neediest neighbors and brought a ray of sunshine into their lives.

Concord Prison Outreach has completed its annual Holiday Gift Bags Project and would like to thank all the individuals and faith communities from Concord and the surrounding towns who generously contributed to help provide a gift bag to each of the incarcerated men at MCI-Concord and the Northeastern Correctional Center. Some 1,740 bags were filled with modest gifts of toiletries, writing materials and a greeting card bringing a message of hope and caring to the recipient. These holiday gifts are a great morale booster, especially for inmates with no family support. Perhaps these are the most appreciated gifts you have given this holiday season?

This project could not happen without the support of a great number of people:

Trinity Episcopal Church was home once again to the project. Ted Hull, the sextant, carried countless bags for us and Anne Lynch, the administrator, was always cheerful in replying to our needs.

The West Concord 5 & 10 provided all gift items, for “one stop shopping.” Terry McIntosh of Roche Bros. secured most of our packing boxes.

The staff from the prisons transported the filled boxes.

The many donors of items and funds made the project possible.

We are most grateful for the 60 volunteers, from near and far, who came faithfully for times ranging from a few hours to almost daily for two and a half weeks. They worked tirelessly to sort, count, inventory and then, finally, to fill the gift bags and pack them in boxes.

Lastly, we thank the countless children and adults who created beautiful, joyous, cheerful holiday cards for the inmates. Often these are the most valued item in the gift bags!

If you have questions about the project and how to become involved in it or would like to know more about Concord Prison Outreach and its many programs, please call Lenore James, Executive Director of C.P.O. at 978 369-1430.

Carol Miller and Beverly Duncan

coordinators of the Holiday Gifts Bag Project

Heartfelt thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of my wife Lisa and myself, I would like to thank the wonderful residents of Carlisle for their generous and overwhelming donations of cat food deposited at the Post Office. Your kind contributions have helped feed the many stray and homeless cats under our care.

Over the past few years, we have trapped and neutered dozens of cats and attended to their immediate medical needs. We have received help from many volunteers and supporters of the various organizations dedicated to the care of cats. Specifically, I would like to mention “Kitty Angels” of Tyngsboro, a no-kill shelter for the care, treatment and adoption of homeless and stray cats.

Lisa has rescued several cats from the Carlisle Transfer Station and continues to feed on a daily basis one or two remaining cats that make their home there.

Each day on my way to work, I stop and feed numerous cats at various locations. Many wait for me each morning and I have come to know each one by the names we have given them. I have become very fond, if not attached to many that we have neutered, treated, turned over to shelters or released back to their habitat.

I praise Lisa for her dedication and loyalty to this cause. However, many nights I have come home from work to find the cupboards empty and had to settle for a bowl of soup rather than a full-course meal. Without doubt, the money went to feeding the strays first! I try not to complain because I understand her love of these animals. It gives me a good feeling as well to know that a small percentage of these homeless cats get a full belly each day and their immediate medical needs met.

Lisa and I constantly worry about them when it is cold and snowy outside, but we have discovered that they tend to care for each other in the wild.

We sincerely hope you will continue to help us feed these animals throughout the New Year knowing that hunger hurts animals as well as humans.

Thanks so much and God Bless.

Chuck DeLong

Timothy Lane

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