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Friday, December 19, 2008

COA offers weather/disaster check

If you are home alone, have compromised health, or just want a wellness check or call in the event of a weather-related disaster, please call the COA at 1-978-371-2895 or 1-978-371-6693.

The Fire Department has given the COA forms that can be picked up at the COA office, or the office can mail them to you. The original form with your signature must be returned to the Fire Department so that the data can be entered into the “Special Needs Resident” database. Please mail completed forms to the Carlisle Fire Dept., Box 575, Carlisle, MA 01741-0575, or drop them off at the Fire Department’s mailbox upstairs at Town Hall, located outside the Town Administrator’s office.

If you also need “Life Line”, RUOK daily call, or “File of Life” information, please call the COA at the above numbers. Having your name on a list for house or call check will alert the Fire and Police Departments in the event of a serious disaster or weather related event. This is the only way they can get to you quickly to check on you and determine how to best assist you in times of crisis.

All information is kept in strictest confidence and not shared with any outside agencies.

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