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Friday, December 19, 2008

News from surrounding towns

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• Acton Workshops address youth behaviors. Concerned by the statistics of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey that Emerson Hospital released in 2000, parents and educators in Acton teamed up to create a plan that gives children and their parents a format in which to learn and communicate as a team. For the past eight years, seventh graders accompanied by a parent have attended a three-day off-campus workshop at Merrimack College in Andover. “Workshops include topics such as bullying, dealing with sleeplessness, pressure, anger, sadness, a healthy diet, self-esteem, physical fitness, yoga and self-defense.” (“Project Wellness reaches kids,” Nov. 17)

Weekend College at Middlesex C.C. Middlesex Community College is now offering weekend courses. Students have the opportunity to get an associate degree in business in just 24 months by enrolling in the Accelerated Business Degree Program, which additionally offers courses online. Weekend courses also provide flexibility for students trying to complete necessary prerequisites for future degree programs of interest. (“Middlesex offers new ‘Weekend College’”, Dec. 02)

Science on Saturday at Lincoln Laboratory. Scientists and engineers at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington have been providing free science demonstrations for children of ages K-12, to enhance their interest in science, technology and mathematics. Their next topic is “Lightnings, Tornadoes, and Storms” at Lincoln Laboratory Auditorium on February 7, 9 to 10:30 a.m. and 10:45 to 12:15 p.m. (“Lincoln Labs host class on asteroids”, Dec. 09)

Acton reduces home values to ease tax bill. Acton Selectmen approved a 7.41% increase in property taxes over last year. However due to an average 3% decline in single family home assessed value, the actual increase in property tax faced by the home owner is 4.2%. (“Taxes go up while home values drop,” Dec. 10)

Braving cold waters to increase awareness on global warming. State Rep. William Brownsberger (D-Belmont) biked up Route 2 to take a polar plunge in Walden Pond on a cold Saturday in December. He was accompanied in the plunge by several hundred supporters who share his concern on global warming. According to event organizer Roger Shamel, who heads the Lexington-based Global Warming Education Network (GWEN) “Concord’s the home of the American Revolution of 1775 and we think it’s a good place to send out a message to the world that it’s time for an energy revolution.” (“Residents take the plunge,” Dec. 10)

Teaching self defense to Acton’s young women. Police in Acton are offering a training course for Acton high school girls headed to college. The course called Rape Aggression Defense Systems, (R.A.D.) is meant to educate women on sensing and protecting themselves against physical or sexual assault. Det. Dan Silva of the Acton Police Department, the first certified R.A.D. instructor, teaches the program along with two Concord Police officers and a Concord Police dispatcher, all of whom are also R.A.D. certified. The first session is in Acton and limits the participants to women. Men are restricted from even observing the techniques taught in the course, due to fear of transferring the knowledge to potential rapists. (“R.A.D. program comes to town,” Nov. 24) ∆

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